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RBMG Consulting Group

A strong network of people who support small businesses in the creation and development of their projects.

6 countries

RBMG Group is present in the USA, France, Morocco, Spain, China and Senegal

80 co-workers

Our 80 business developers are spread across world, to help you in developing and creating your project anywhere on the planet.

8704 projects

From its creation in 2007, RBMG has supported more than 8000 small business owners.

We build leaders.

What we do

We provide you a concrete help to overcome and solve your problems.

Business Plan

Our Business plan consultants bring you an outside perspective, a fresh look at your project and offers, recommendations with a real roadmap to complete your project.

Market Research

Market research is a work of collecting and analyzing information, with the aim to identify market characteristics.

Project support

Whether your project is already launched or not yet, our consultants help you to frame, fix and secure your project. 

Franchise development

RBMG Consultants help you at all stages of your business. With the creation, development and running of your franchise networks! 

Having the support of people with similar interests greatly enhances your chances of success.

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