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Innovative solutions for small businesses development

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A gigantic market, a liberal spirit, a dynamic economy… The United States still dominates the world economy indisputably, but beyond this unmatched performance, it is their dynamic innovation that continues to impress.
However, the competition is fierce, so you should be prepared to increase your chances of becoming a successful entrepreneur in the United States. It is necessary to ensure that the market is receptive to its value proposition or that your competitive advantage sets you apart from the stiff local competition.

RBMG Consulting - Innovative solutions for small business development

RBMG Consulting, who are we ?

A consulting company for small business

Business Consulting

SMEs, SOHO, Startups


Project development

Deliverables creation

Business Plan, Market research, Sectoral studies etc.

RBMG Consulting helps small business owners to develop their business. It intervenes at all the stages of development by providing marketing tools such as business plans or market researches but also by outsourcing skills. Moreover, RBMG is specialised in the creation and development of franchise networks. With the support of more than 50 networks, its experience will allow you to create a solid, developed and uniform network.

6 countries

We are present in the USA, France, Morocco, Spain, China and Senegal

80 co-workers

Our 80 business developers are spread across world, to help you in developing and creating your project anywhere on the planet.

8704 projects

Since the creation of RBMG in 2007, we have supported more than 8000 small business owners.

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What is a Business Plan?

A typical business plan runs 15 to 20 pages and is made by the project leader (entrepreneur, SME Manager of the chief financial officer) in order to introduce its plan of project creation, business acquisition or development.

The business plan is a written description of your business’s future. It has to be developed over time, and requires special attention as it is the showcase of your project. This document will be your first support to take decisions.

RBMG agency brings you an outside perspective, a fresh look at your project and offers, recommendations, and a real roadmap to complete your project.

Why should I conduct a market research ?

If you want to run a successful business, you must do market research first. Market research is a work of collecting and analyzing information, with the aim to identify market characteristics. It provides you detailed insights about the competitors, the latest market trends, the consumer’s expectations, their preferences but also demographics.

That’s why business owners should know how much the market research is important in their effective strategies. RBMG agency carries out each year more than 500 multi-industry studies. This is a guarantee of reliability and quality for your project.

How does outsourcing work?

In order to develop a viable project within the best conditions; it is essential to perfectly know your market, and to analyze your competitors.

RBMG helps you with an audit analyzing your market and your competitors, so you can protect yourself. RBMG gives you operational recommendations through a comprehensive review, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses.

Why should I develop my brand into a franchise?

Franchising is often the fastest way to grow your business. But is your Business “Franchisable”?

It needs to be credible and unique. Is it enough differentiated from its competitors? Does it have a sustainable competitive advantage? Many other questions determined the reliability to franchising, RBMG helps you at all stages of your business.

The accompaniment in franchise development aims to bring you qualified candidates for franchisees. This service allows you to be able to grow your network while controlling its development and growth, through recruitment support.

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